Getting to Treatment

Often, the logistics of getting to addiction treatment can be as daunting as the idea of getting sober. Getting to treatment can be difficult, and a sober escort may be required. In some cases, addicts are urged to travel out of state to distance themselves from harmful triggers. No matter what the situation, Next Step Intervention is here to make travel arrangements, book sober escorts, schedule flights and ensure that clients have safe, reliable travel to and from treatment.

Booking Sober Escorts

Our network of sober escorts is a helpful resource during the addiction treatment process. Many of them have extensive personal experience with addiction and understand the feelings of fear, loneliness, and grief that accompany substance abuse treatment. Serving as encouragers and supporters during this difficult period, sober escorts provide:

  • Treatment transit. A sober escort works with families, physicians, and treatment consultants to ensure a safe, successful treatment transport. If you have been through detox, your sober escort can help you stay clean until admission so you do not have to go through detox a second time.
  • Extended care transit. When a halfway house or sober house is recommended, sober companions accompany clients directly from their treatment facility to their new living quarters.
  • Home transit. When it is time to return home, many clients are apprehensive about what awaits them. Sober escorts are trained and qualified to meet the client at discharge and accompany them to AA or NA meetings, ensure that discharge goes smoothly, and address any needs they have upon arriving home.

Making Travel Arrangements

Do not allow transportation to be a barrier during the rehabilitation process. Clients who partner with Next Step Intervention receive clinical transport aid that includes in- and out-of-town travel arrangements, flight reservations, taxi services, public transportation assistance, and more. If your loved one is being transported to care, Next Step will also provide family updates and progress calls, and our sober companions are available to supervise clients until they connect with the appropriate staff or family member.

To learn more about addiction treatment consulting or request travel to or from a rehabilitation facility, dial 1-800-298-1850 or submit an online inquiry. We are available 24 hours a day for your peace of mind, and look forward to providing support as you pursue health and wellness!

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