Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services Launches Blog


An exciting time for Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services

Autumn is always a beautiful time of the year. Summer comes to a close, the days begin to get shorter and the temperatures drop.  In most parts of the United States the foliage turns brilliant and varied colors and it reminds us of renewal…new growth to come. And so for us at Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services, it is the perfect time to launch our new blog.

Celebrating National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

In September we celebrated National Recovery Month and October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. Each advocacy gives us an opportunity to learn more about the disease of addiction and to share with others our experience, strength and hope. We engage with our communities.

Forward planning for our blog

We look forward to offering our readers news about addiction and recovery, particularly as it relates to interventions. We find there is always news discuss about addiction, mental health, family issues, and research that can bring us closer to understanding addiction and the efficacy of early interventions and professional treatment.

Staying connected

Hope you will subscribe to our blog. It is easy to do…simply type your email address in the “Subscribe by email” box in the top left margin. You will receive a confirmation email, then click on the link to verify your subscription.


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