Adult Interventions

Addiction is a brain disease that often obscures the devastating realities caused by substance abuse. When a person is unable or unwilling to recognize a destructive habit, an adult intervention may be used to jumpstart a successful recovery program. Since interventions are stressful and emotionally charged, it is best to collaborate with a professional interventionist.

First, Next Step addiction treatment professionals determine whether an intervention would be helpful in your unique situation. Then, we educate you about the intervention process and develop an intervention strategy tailored to your needs. Finally, we facilitate the meeting and help attendees set firm boundaries within the context of compassion and respect.

What Is an Intervention?

A planned intervention creates a structured environment in which an addicted person is made aware of their need for help. Typically, the event consists of a surprise gathering of family members or friends who are close to the addict and concerned about his or her health, wellbeing, and relationships. Depending upon the situation, our adult drug and alcohol interventions may include:

  • A discussion about the addicted person’s destructive habit and its impact on family, employment, and health.
  • An addiction treatment plan, complete with next steps, facility recommendations, and follow-up process.
  • A clear list of predetermined consequences that will occur if the addicted person fails to comply with treatment.

The main advantage of a professional intervention is the expert’s ability to remain objective in the midst of family tension, manipulation, and addiction-related lies. As a neutral third party, Next Step mental health professionals and social workers create structure and prevent the discussion from spiraling into personal attacks.

Types & Benefits of Adult Intervention

While adult intervention is not appropriate in every situation, it may be the only way to prevent fallout from severe addiction. In some cases, intervention may even be a life-saving solution for loved ones that deny the presence of addiction or the need for rehabilitation. Types of addiction intervention include:

  • Family interventions
  • Crisis or emergency interventions
  • Workplace interventions

Request Information About Next Step Adult Interventions

Though some addicts recognize their need for treatment, many are reluctant to get help or unable to recognize the havoc caused by their lifestyle. A Next Step intervention professional provides the resources and guidance you need to confront an addiction and begin a coordinated treatment approach. To discuss your situation or inquire about adult intervention services in CA and nationally, call 1-800-298-1850 or email our team today.


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