Christian Drug Interventions

Many people in the bondage of addiction are blind to their circumstances, so they don’t seek help on their own. If your friend or family member is in denial or is unable to see the problems caused by substance abuse, Christian-based interventions can jumpstart the recovery process. While loved ones have the best of intentions, it is best to collaborate with a professional when it is time to plan and hold an intervention. Interventions are difficult and emotionally charged, and an addiction professional can guide the discussion in a positive direction.

Whether addicted individuals have a deep personal faith or not, the goal of Christian intervention is to urge them to focus on a higher power in order to gain strength for the recovery journey. At Next Step Intervention, we educate families about the Christian intervention process and develop a faith-based strategy tailored to the patient’s needs. Then, we facilitate the meeting and help attendees set firm boundaries within the context of Biblical truth, compassion, and respect. In some cases, a clergy member may also be present for the intervention, along with close friends and family.

Christian Drug and Alcohol Intervention Process

Typically an intervention is a surprise gathering held in a neutral, structured environment. During the process, the addicted person is made aware of the destructive nature of their habit and their need for healing. Throughout a Christian-based intervention, individuals are reminded of or encouraged to embark upon a personal faith walk. God becomes a lifeline: helping people achieve and maintain sobriety as they draw strength from him. Most importantly, a Christian-based intervention reminds the addict that peace is not found in a bottle or a pill, but through the hope found only through a relationship with Jesus.

A Christian intervention may include:

  • Prayer for the addicted person and their family. Those in attendance may take turns praying, or the leader may open the session in prayer.
  • A loving, yet frank, discussion that reminds an addicted individual about (1) God’s love for him or her, and (2) God’s desire to bring physical healing and emotional restoration. The addict must understand the impact of substance abuse on family, employment, and health.
  • A Christian addiction treatment plan, complete with next steps, facility recommendations, and follow-up process.
  • A list of consequences that will occur if the addicted person fails to comply with treatment guidelines. While these consequences are prayerfully developed and presented with unity and love, they are not negotiable.

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Some addicts recognize their need for treatment and embrace the importance of their faith walk during this process, but many are reluctant to get help or are unsure about calling on God for guidance. Our Christian interventionist can provide families with the resources needed to confront substance abuse and help their loved one find peace in a substance-free life. To learn more about Christian-based intervention approaches or request an intervention for a friend or relative, call us at 1-800-298-1850.

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