Young Adult Interventions

shutterstock_187769801Genetics, environmental stressors, peer pressure, depression, and social stress are just a few of the risk factors for substance abuse in young adults. In some cases, alcohol and drugs become a means of escape from painful experiences or feelings of insignificance. Whatever the cause, it doesn’t take long for an overwhelming and dangerous cycle to begin. The brain is still undergoing development into the mid-20s, and unaddressed addiction can take a traumatic toll on cognitive function, memory, and behavioral development.

Unfortunately, substance abuse often leads teens and young adults to deny their problems and turn away from those who love them. In these cases, an intervention can be a life-saving solution. Young adult interventions should always be planned and facilitated by an experienced professional since they are stressful and emotionally charged.

Next Step addiction treatment specialists walk family and friends through the intervention process from beginning to end. It is important to customize the meeting strategy to the addicted individual’s needs since each young adult faces different circumstances in their home, school, and social life. After preparing for the intervention, a Next Step medical professional or social worker will facilitate the process and help attendees set firm boundaries within a supportive, confidential environment.

What Is a Young Adult Intervention?

A young adult intervention should take place in a neutral, pre-planned location. Typically, the event consists of a surprise gathering of friends and loved ones who are close to the addict and concerned about his or her health and future. The goal is to get the young adult to admit to their addiction and agree to substance abuse treatment. Depending upon the situation, young adult and teen interventions may include:

  • A coordinated discussion about the person’s destructive habit and its negative impact on family, school, and friendships.
  • An addiction treatment plan specially designed for young adults and complete with next steps, facility recommendations, and follow-up process.
  • A list of predetermined consequences that will occur if the addictive behavior persists or the adolescent fails to comply with treatment protocols.

Young adult intervention experts are familiar with addiction patterns that are unique to this age group. Acting as a neutral third party, Next Step mental health professionals and social workers use evidence-based practices to steer the discussion and prevent the event from heading down a destructive path.

Request Information About Next Step Adult Interventions

Some younger adults come to terms with addiction on their own, but many deny their substance abuse problem or are unable to recognize their chemical dependency. A Next Step intervention professional will provide the medical and counseling resources required to confront adolescent addiction and begin a customized treatment program. To discuss your situation or inquire about scheduling a young adult intervention, dial 1-800-298-1850 or connect with us online today.

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