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Northern California Drug & Alcohol Interventionist

Labeled a High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) by public health and law enforcement officials, Northern California faces many key drug addiction issues. 2011 reports indicate that methamphetamine poses the greatest threat to the region, and that high-potency marijuana cultivation and distribution is also on the rise. Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) dominate wholesale drug distribution in Northern CA, supported by the area’s well-developed transportation infrastructure.

Next Step Intervention is proud to serve the Northern California community: providing drug and alcohol intervention for men and women struggling with the disease of addiction. At Next Step, we recognize that families suffer a devastating impact when drug and alcohol use invade their home. Our highly successful interventions can get your loved ones the help they need—and restore peace to your family when you’ve reached the end of your rope.
Most people struggling with drug addiction are unwilling to admit they have a problem or fear getting help. In many of these cases, intervention greatly increases an addicted individual’s chances of entering rehab, attaining sobriety, and staying sober for the long term. A professionally conducted intervention can truly be a life-changing experience, and could mean the difference between life and death when your friend or family member is spiraling out of control.

Interventions are also beneficial to family members who are emotionally and physically exhausted from dealing with the fallout of a loved one’s substance abuse. Addiction is a family disease, and a successful intervention not only reminds the addicted individual that they are loved—but allows the family to prioritize self-care and experience hope in the midst of pain.

The Intervention Process

Drug & alcohol interventions are designed to establish healthy boundaries and prevent family members from enabling a loved one’s addiction. Once families have determined the need for intervention, they should meet with a Northern California interventionist to discuss their concerns, prepare verbal or written statements, and outline consequences that will occur if their loved one is unwilling to submit to treatment.

Preplanning is key to a successful intervention, and should include decisions about the timing, location, and content of the meeting. Your licensed counselor or intervention specialist will act as a mediator during the meeting, advocating for the best interests of the addicted person and ensuring that the discussion remains productive.


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To face substance abuse head on, you need the guidance of a professional. When a drug and alcohol intervention is needed, time is of the essence. Addiction is a progressive disease, and now is the time to get your family member the treatment they need. Next Step Intervention responds to your intervention request within a few hours, and provides same-day interventions to expedite the admissions process. To speak directly with our certified interventionist, call 800.298.1850 or submit a confidential inquiry. We are proud to provide emergency intervention planning and facilitation for clients in Northern California and nationwide.

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