AMCC National Day of Awareness and Safe Disposal

American-Medicine-Chest-ChallengeFar too often, prescription drugs end up in the wrong and/or unintended hands. People prescribed opioids will take the drugs until the pain subsides and then leave the unfinished pill bottles in the medicine cabinet to collect dust. A practice which may be relatively harmless when you are a living alone. However, it is a different story when it comes to families.

Many teenagers and young adults come across prescription opioids for the first time in the family medicine cabinet. Those who decide to take the unused medications, such as oxycodone or hydrocodone, are at risk for addiction or worse – overdose. The CDC reports that 44 people lose their life to prescription opioid overdoses every day in America. Naturally, mitigating the harm that can accompany non-prescribed painkiller use is crucial in the fight against the opioid epidemic that has been crippling families for over a decade.

American Medicine Chest Challenge

One way to keep prescription opioids out of the wrong hands is to safely dispose of unused or unwanted medication. Throughout the year, there are times when people can dispose of the medications at predetermined sites, giving Americans an opportunity to have an active role in the fight against the nation’s worst epidemic in modern times.

This month, the American Medicine Chest Challenge (AMCC), a community-based public health initiative, will hold the sixth-annual National Day of Awareness and Safe Disposal, according to a news release. On November 14th, families are encouraged to safely dispose of their unwanted medications at more than 1500 collection sites across the country. Both families and individuals can find a list of disposal sites at or by downloading the free app AMCC Rx Drop.

The Challenge

Families are encouraged to take the American Medicine Chest Challenge, an opportunity to not only take stock of the potentially dangerous drugs in their home, but also learn more about prescription drug abuse in order to better inform children as to the dangers.

“The American Medicine Chest Challenge can help save the lives of our children,” said Angelo M. Valente, CEO of AMCC. “On November 14th we encourage all Americans to take the 5-Step American Medicine Chest Challenge and find a location to safely dispose of your unused, unwanted and expired medicine.”

The five-step challenge encourages families to:

  • Take inventory of their prescription and over-the-counter medicine
  • Secure their medicine.
  • Dispose of unused, unwanted, and expired medicine in their home or at an AMCC disposal site.
  • Take their medicine(s) exactly as prescribed.
  • Talk to their children about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.


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