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Drug addiction is not a new phenomenon in the state of Washington and the Northwest. For more than 30 years, the state’s drug-related death rate has been higher than national averages. While methamphetamines flow freely into the state from Mexico distributors, the most pervasive substance abuse problem in Washington is alcohol—especially among high school students and young adults. In 2010, Washington’s Department of Health and Social Services reported costs of over $5.2 billion for drug and alcohol abuse, exceeding cancer and obesity costs that year.
At Next Step Intervention, we are proud to provide Northwest clients and families with addiction interventions for prescription and street drug use, alcoholism, and other chemical dependencies. When you request an intervention, the Next Step Intervention team responds within hours to provide same-day meeting planning and facilitation. Our seasoned interventionists can convince your loved one to submit to professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation rather than continuing in a downward, deadly spiral. A successful intervention also allows family members to sleep better at night knowing that the addict is in good hands.

Next Step Intervention Intervention Success Rates

Drug and alcohol addiction ravages the lives of substance users and their families, causing financial destruction, relational disconnection, and physical pain. When you have done all you can do, it is time to consider a professional intervention. Planning a drug or alcohol intervention does not mean you have failed as a parent, spouse or friend; it means that you understand the importance of seeking professional guidance during an overwhelming life crisis. An intervention is an investment in the health and wellbeing of your family, and Next Step Intervention’s Certified National Alcohol and Drug Interventionist has an impressive 99% success rate of helping loved ones accept treatment.
Depending on the nature and severity of the addiction, the health history of the client, and the concerns of the participating family members, a substance abuse intervention may include:
· Facilitation of the meeting process by a certified interventionist or licensed therapist.

· Written or verbal accounts of how the family member’s addiction has impacted those closest to them.

· Overview of the addiction treatment plan, which may include specific facilities, programs, or aftercare procedures.

· A list of predetermined consequences that will be put into place if the addicted person fails to comply with treatment.

Perhaps the most important reason for having a trained interventionist conduct this family meeting is their ability to act impartially and prevent the discussion from moving in an unhealthy direction. There’s no doubt: intervention may save the life of your loved one.

Same Day Alcohol and Drug Interventions

Serving clients throughout Oregon, Washington and nationwide, Next Step Intervention provides the resources and guidance you need to confront addiction with professional interventions that can be scheduled the same day as your call. To learn more about our Northwest drug interventions, or to speak with our licensed interventionist about your loved one’s situation, dial 800.298.1850 today. We’re in your corner and are honored to serve you in your time of need.

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