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How Can You Get Them to Quit?

Let our experts do that for you. Families dealing with addiction are in crisis mode. Our expert addiction specialist assesses your situation and determines the best plan to get you help today.

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The First Step is an Intervention

With a 99% success rate at getting loved ones to accept treatment either over the phone or in person, our interventionists can help restore lives being destroyed by addiction.

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Narrowing Options

With so many programs all promising to deliver the same thing, we get you into the right program for you - often on the same day you decide to go to treatment.

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The Intervention Process

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Our interventionist has conducted over 500 interventions for a variety of families - from mom’s conducting heroin interventions for their son to entire families intervening on a loved one with mental health and substance abuse issues.


No matter what your situation is, we have the experience to open your loved one to the possibility of getting better through accepting they need help. It is possible to achieve this on the phone and in person. Let’s talk and make an effective plan to help stop the family suffering and start healing today.

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The Intervention

Sometimes a loved one will admit they have a problem and will accept treatment on their own. In this case, can help find the best program for you. Other times an intervention is needed to help coax a loved one into treatment.


With our 99% success rate, we have a great chance of helping save the life of your loved one through an intervention. We conduct interventions nationwide and in some cases over the phone. Contact our interventionist directly at 1-800-298-1850 to discuss your options.

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Decide on Treatment

While addiction may be glaringly apparent to friends and loved ones, those facing addiction are often blind to its symptoms and effects. At Next Step Intervention, we guide addicted individuals and their families through the treatment process, from intervention and admission to rehabilitation and aftercare.

The First Step

The first step—and often the most difficult one—is identifying the addiction and deciding to seek help. When an individual or their loved ones become aware of a substance abuse problem, they are at a crossroads. Either they can take a step toward rehabilitation or they can choose to live in denial. It is tempting to try to resolve addiction on your own, but it is unwise to do so.

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Securing Admission

Addiction puts substance abusers and families in crisis mode, where grief and anger can render them unable to make care decisions or manage paperwork. Next Step Intervention guides families through the complicated admissions process from beginning to end. Once you or a loved one agrees to get help, our team handles the administrative process and secures admission to recommended facilities.

Admission Specialists

There are many things to consider as you enter the admissions process for outpatient or residential care. Questions about what to pack, what you are allowed to bring, what prescription drugs are permitted, and how you will get to rehab are common. Your Next Step Intervention specialist can answer these questions, assist with travel, and arrange a sober companion to accompany you when necessary.

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Often, the logistics of getting to addiction treatment can be as daunting as the idea of getting sober. Getting to treatment can be difficult, and a sober escort may be required. In some cases, addicts are urged to travel out of state to distance themselves from harmful triggers. No matter what the situation, Next Step Intervention is here to make travel arrangements, book sober escorts, schedule flights and ensure that clients have safe, reliable travel to and from treatment.

Making Travel Arrangements

Do not allow transportation to be a barrier during the rehabilitation process. Clients who partner with Next Step Intervention receive clinical transport aid that includes in- and out-of-town travel arrangements, flight reservations, taxi services, public transportation assistance, and more. If your loved one is being transported to care, Next Step will also provide family updates and progress calls, and our sober companions are available to supervise clients until they connect with the appropriate staff or family member.

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The cost of addiction treatment can be a deterrent for clients and their families. If you or a loved one has made the difficult decision to get clean and sober, Next Step Intervention wants to come alongside you. When rehab expenses seem unmanageable, consider the cost of addiction. In many cases, addicts lose their job, assets and savings chasing a chemical dependency.

When you partner with our team, our consultants streamline the admissions process and help you cover the cost of treatment.

Payment Options for Addiction Treatment

Some private health insurance plans pay for a portion or a total of addiction treatment or counseling as part of their mental health services. The experienced insurance billing professionals at Next Step Intervention help you navigate the insurance maze. Working as an advocate on your behalf, we provide an exhaustive range of insurance billing services for both outpatient and residential treatment programs.

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After Treatment

To ensure success, individuals must make a lifelong recovery commitment after completing treatment. Just as you do not “fall into” addiction, you cannot let down your guard after treatment is complete. The Next Step Intervention team understands the need for a customized aftercare plan that includes managing stressors, acquiring accountability partners, developing healthy habits, and finding inspiration to stay the course.

Elements of Aftercare

While your aftercare plan is unique to you, these programs have common threads that may include: identifying old triggers, coping with new stressors, preparing, in advance, for relapse temptation, developing accountability partnerships, supporting family.

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